The highest wisdom is that of the heart.

I can't believe I actually wanted to marry you.

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I'm still waiting for them.


Our former home was in Sweden.

When can I see a movie about Jules Verne on TV?

The taxi arrived late.

Linley doesn't like working here.

It'll be a long wait.

I really don't care what went on.

His escape attempt was successful.

I'm drinking water in the kitchen.

She was tempted to call his bluff, hardly believing that he would carry out his threat.

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I was tired today so I went to bed early.

What's Mah's full name?

He came here ten minutes ago.

I waited all day, but Werner never came.

The door opened and a man came out.

He comes home at ten.

I want to change my reservation.

I was lured to the store by the advertisement.

Kiki hit his head on the shelf.

Rudolph was away at camp all summer.

We have three possibilities.

Joanne asked what was in the box.

In helicopters, the cyclic controls the tilt of the main rotor, producing pitch and roll.

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Why did they fire her?

When is the last time you showered?

Francis is just a farm boy living in a big city.

I told you you'd like it.

Thierry hasn't eaten yet.

Let's go meet her.

Have you ever cut a tree with an ax?

We told Teri not to stay out late.

Rand is planning to go to Boston next week, isn't he?

We will give Father a birthday present.

The company decided to hire two new secretaries.

Into every life a little rain must fall.

Let me show you what I've got.

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Where did you tickle them?

I thought it was just a metaphor.

Dominick is different from his brother.

Gerard told Those that he wanted to break off the engagement.

They chased the man to arrest him.

Soohong is in a ton of trouble.

My father is a peasant.

Accidents have been rare.

I've made things worse.

He hit an easy fly.

I heard Floyd was having problems at school.


Kimberly kept on making the same mistake.

I know you're here, Morris.

Charlie has a lot to explain.

He holds a high position at the company.

It's a difficult term to define.

Ramsey is so intelligent that he stands out in class.

Walter is waiting for you at home.

The room was full of smoke.

I don't take offence at your comments, but really, there was no call to make rude remarks. Let's all be kind and assume good will.


They may need some money.

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Please accept my condolences.

Will you please order a copy of the book from the publisher?

She's starting to feel desperate.


Sir got straight A's.

Good morning, Haruki. Your hair got messed up while you were sleeping.

The storm prevented her from arriving on time.

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Jerome was smart about the way he set all of this up.

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I'm not able to fix the computer.

We fell in love.

We're slowing down.

I'm sorry, but that is simply impossible.

Thank you very much.

When do I get to talk to them?

It should not be possible for us to enjoy them without giving something in return.

That house was so poorly built that no floors were level and no walls were plumb.

Arthur's desk was so untidy that the cleaner refused to clean the room.

A computer is a modern device.

Walt's mother told him not to talk with his mouth full.

He stamped out the fire.

Unfortunately, these things take time.


It is usually at the coffee shop that I meet him.

The cost of the house was figured out at fifty pounds.

We have to cut down our monthly expenses.

It is difficult for me to answer the question.

I'm planning to move back to Boston next year.


Who did you go to Boston with?


Get a life!

I shouldn't have to ever come back here.

I want to study German.

What is he famous for?

It wasn't really a very good plan.


Ken is going to the United States at the end of July.

She can't have been in her twenties at that time.

He did it anyway.

She wears her hair loose.

Thomas was completely shell-shocked after Ned dressed her down for being late for the meeting.

Let's start the ball rolling by introducing ourselves.

My cousins are coming in a few days.

Juergen never apologized.

The trees were covered with snow.


All information is taken from public sources.

Esperanto has no exceptions.

You may still be in luck.

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I'm an anthropology research student, and my topic is 'Chinese medicine in the Britain'.

He was careless as to leave the door open.

I thought you'd be interested to know that Walter got accepted into Harvard.

They love each other.

Don't do that ever again.

Ancient astronomers did not have instruments to help them see objects in the sky.

He's dying to see Seiko.


He doesn't get jokes.

The leader governed his country for more than 50 years.

Was what Grant did a crime?

I borrowed the book from this library.

Sapient beings are far more advanced than humans.

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Your regulations don't apply to me.

This character represents Scotland.

She bought a dictionary for her sister.


We all know why.


This is the first time I've kissed my father.

I got a music box for my birthday.

He repeated the price to him.

This did not worry Jefferson.

Whether you agree or not, I cannot change my mind.

This armchair is comfortable to sit in.

The whole crew left except for Brett.

It is no easy thing to do.

It is no joke.

This is my plan.

It then became necessary to settle the best route for the line to follow; and that was determined, in the first place, by the shape of the land it had to cross.


If it bleeds, it leads.

It's very cold this winter.

The President desires peace.

I do my job well.

Our meeting room has no windows.

Have you ever drawn an animal?

I repair computers almost every day.

The athlete says that during the race, he felt as if time had almost slowed down.

He was annoyed at having to show up before the public.

Pluto has more in common with Triton, Neptune's largest moon, than it does with any of the eight planets in our solar system. Pluto is actually smaller than Triton.

When Nicole heard that her favorite singer had died, she burst into tears.

We have no options but to continue.

Vic and Spudboy do many things together.

I have never heard him speak English.

Don't quote me on this, but I think there will be a severe storm tomorrow morning.

It's a Cuban cigar.

Throw the ball to her.


I'll get them for you.

We were held up for half an hour in the traffic and so we arrived late.

Lukas didn't have to apologize.

I just want a little help.

This hotel is better than that hotel.


He loves soccer.

Bilal went to school.

Do not blame me, I do not have anything to do with that video.

Where did I go wrong?

Herb told me about the new plan.

I had to get rid of my doubt about it.

We used to be human.

I'm afraid I don't follow.

I didn't have to ask, since I already knew the answer.

Leukocytes are blood cells.

This time I defeated you.

I'd like to run a big stock farm.

Whenever you come, I'm ready.

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How did you know I was going to say yes?

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Don is mowing his front lawn.

How much time do you think we have left?

Gilles was hospitalized with symptoms of dehydration.

Big fucking deal!

Would you mind if we join you?

Who invented dynamite?

He says it's urgent.

I'm actually enjoying myself.

I was acutely aware of how very important mathematical education was.